a note from elaine...

Hello! I'm Elaine, a human potentialist, a believer in limitless living and life-changing transformations.  As an advocate of ageless living, I believe it’s never too late to be, do or have anything we desire in life.  My greatest joy is being a mother to my three children and a grandmother to my baby grandson.  I live in Cheshire and with my Dutch husband of 30 years, Marcel.


After a corporate career in London and Amsterdam, I went back to university to study Person-Centred Counselling, qualifying in 2003. I went on to become an accredited Life Coach and qualified with Distinction in 2016 with The Coaching Academy. I continue to study Spiritual Psychology, Positive Psychology and Metaphysics. I'm a Reiki Master, Emotional Eating Coach, a Landmark Graduate and am fully committed to my ongoing growth and self-mastery.


I love nature, travelling and challenging my boundaries. Some of my most exciting adventures have been:- Walking the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, Mount Kilimanjaro, The Nijmegen 4 Day Marches and most recently The Arenzano 2 day Challenge in Italy. My next adventure will be The National 3 Peaks next July 2020 with 18 Empowered Women from the community. 

I'm so passionate about growing The Empowered Woman Collective to create a high calibre personal development community and speaker platform that is affordable and accessible. A space for conscious women to step into for more connection, love, growth, inspiration and fun. 


Our mission is to empower women to live their best lives and to create a ripple effect of love. The power is in the Collective!

the empowered woman collective manifesto...

To love myself and prioritise my needs so I can better serve others "from a full cup"

To honour my body and value my health


To walk away from all that no longer serves me or makes me happy


To spend time in nature 


To let go of blame and take full responsibility for my life


To trust my intuition and listen to my inner voice


To live fully in the present moment, not the past nor the future


To celebrate love through kindness, and gratitude through connection


To complain less and live with an attitude of gratitude


To live an empowered and extraordinary life - on my terms!

The Empowered Woman Collective Manifesto is a series of statements that we aim to live by; statements that honour ourselves, our loved ones and our world. They're not a set of rules to add additional stress to our already pressured lives but rather a way in which to remind ourselves that we only have one life, so let's make it extraordinary - for ourselves and others.

As an Empowered Woman, I pledge...