from the attendees...

Attended the event for the first time last night, I just spotted the post on my Facebook newsfeed, bought a ticket and had no idea what to expect.  I was pleasantly blown away, also bumped into people I knew!  The speakers were powerful, the venue is stunning and the whole evening was professional yet relaxing, welcoming, empowering, informative and for a singe girl like me who lives alone, it made me feel very connected to a great circle of people.  I can’t wait for the next one - Karen Daes


I wanted to say a huge thank you to Elaine Bonfrer for creating this fantastic group! Whilst slightly nervous attending my first evening evening as I didn’t know what to expect, I really didn’t need to be - I felt so welcome and enjoyed an evening of inspiring talks, laughter and great tips for my own personal development.  I love what Elaine is doing here - creating a space for connection and growth.  I left with a real glow and a spring in my step. Suffice to say, highly recommended! - Vanessa Crabtree


Elaine I love coming to The Empowered Woman Events and I am so grateful to you for creating this amazing sacred space. Joining other like minded women as we share our life experiences, as we come together to learn and grow. It feels all encompassing, nurturing and supportive. I drive home with a sense of belonging and warmth - Mandie Mason


Absolutely love this.  What an amazing way to spend the evening.  The energy was truly magical - Claire Morton


I have just spent an evening at an event and will absolutely be counting the weeks to the next one.


I feel so enthused and empowered to follow this journey and make some much required additions to my life.


Thank you so much Elaine Bonfrer for being the creator of this fabulous opportunity - Ceri Barnett Jeffs

Absolutely blown away by my first event with you all last night! Speakers were amazing, funny and authentic. Thank you, I left feeling totally enriched and really looking forward to the next one - Debra Seery


Amazing group of ladies.  Fantastic speakers.  A wonderful journey of self-discovery - Christine O'Neill


As a personal development junkie I loved every second of this event. A local event like this is priceless.  I am grateful for all the sacrifices Elaine must have made to get this fabulous event off the ground.  If you’re sitting on the fence and wondering whether you should attend, just do it! - Melissa Howard


Attended an amazing event which was both inspiring and uplifting. It certainly raised my vibe and got me making the changes I’ve been wanting to make fo months.  Highly recommended! Elaine is down to earth, welcoming and filled with knowledge - Su Taylor


I absolutely loved it and was just what I needed to listen to. The speakers were inspirational and empowering also not laughed so much in ages.  Will definitely be at the next one. Thank you - Lauren Stanton


She has been a life changer for me, an amazing woman with a beautiful soul.  I can’t recommend The Empowered Woman Collective enough and what an amazing workshop last night - Kim Woods Rogers


An incredible woman with so much knowledge and empowering messages and teachings to share - Rechelle Davis

Absolutely love this new collective and loved the first one too. Lots of powerful, inspirational women attended.

Elaine is a pure hearted leader for this work and I look forward to the next one - Sarah McBride


What a fabulous, inspiring, heart warming and high vibe evening.  Thanks Elaine for creating these amazing evening -Julie Flower


I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing group.

All of the speakers were mind blowing in different ways and I can not wait for the the one - Tracey Summers


I attended my first event and was simply blown away by the quality of the speakers and the safe environment that is created for everyone who attends. It is a very empowering evening shared with some gorgeous ladies and I took away some great value from the evening.  Thank you Elaine for putting this together.  I can’t wait for what’s in store next month - Sarah Williams


I’ve been to two Empowered Woman events and each one has left an impression on my heart and my soul.  It’s great to come together with like-minded people to love, laugh, connect and grow.  There are no egos here.  Elaine has created a positive and safe space where everyone’s contribution counts.  I can’t wait for the next line-up of inspiring women to take the Empowered Woman stage - Rebecca Riley


I attended my first Empowered Woman workshop last night.  I knew I would enjoy it as it was about connecting to our power animals and a sound-bath.  The vision Elaine has is incredible and very close to my heart! To bring women together like this is, share our energies, our power and our love is exactly what this world needs! We rise by lifting others.  Such a magical evening and I left feeling empowered even more to spread my message. A powerful and transformational evening.  Thank you so much to everyone - Pippa Leslie


Wow where do I start ….. First of all let me just say that I am the kind of gal that will avoid any kind of event that involves getting a big group of women/business women in the same room together. Let’s just say my past experience has not been great and it’s always been about competition, selling, fighting for air space (not my thing).  However, I am thrilled to say that my experience very quickly changed when I came along to my very first Empowered Woman back in June and I found my ’tribe’. I have never been in a room full of so many amazing, incredible, strong, talented and powerful women that no matter who you are, where you come from or where you are going, there is such a stong sense of love, warmth and connection from every single woman in the room.  A room full of women cheering each other on, lifting each other up and together, collectively, rising higher than ever. Full kudos to my beautiful friend Elaine Bonfrer who has created something very magical.  Each month, Elaine has different guest speakers and the turnout speakers for itself. If like me, you have been searching for your tribe and you are in need of being in a space filled with like minded women in a completely different non-judgemental, freeing and loving space, then please come and join us. We would all love to welcome you - Jenny Ball